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Arizona Senate Debate: Flake, Carmona, Victor

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Comment by PureTrust
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Who has time, but...

If Marc, and Ernie and Powell and Psychictaxi and a few others, got together and made a "movie" out of this video, it could be made into something very powerful for ALL Americans.

This video is about 55 minutes long. Marc's speaking time was very short throughout the whole video. Yet Marc's time was used for very basic, very powerful, American freedom oriented speaking. Yet, a lot of Americans never heard these freedom things before. So...

It would be beneficial to all Americans, and to Marc's Senate run, if Marc would take the individual clips of places where he spoke, and make a movie explaining each clip in the kind of detail that was not allowed in the debate.

A movie like this, if presented and advertised, would help to find our where Americans really stand while educating them about ideas they have felt in their hearts for a long time, but never had anyone put into words before.

Comment by J E Andreasen
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Watched live. 

Very disappointed in,but not surprised by, Marc's treatment at the hands of the moderator.  They opened by stating that one could interject, only to have Marc snubbed and pushed aside like a leg-humping dog, every time he tried to contribute.

When the moderator grudgingly gave Marc the occasional question, the would dismissively cut him off with words to the effect of "we got it".  What a puke. 

Any pretense that ideas and legitimate public policy were to be explored was subsumed by a  school playground, Flake-Carmona, bitch-slapping contest, with Mark placed conveniently in the "Free Speech Zone" far from public view.

Comment by 4409
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Victor destroyed could still tell how biased they were to the other two criminal parties.