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How Many Muslims in the World? How Many Muslim Terrorists?

• Lew Rockwell blog
I read that 23 percent of the world's population is Muslim, or 1.6 billion people. Whatever the number is, it's large. How many are terrorists out to terrorize westerners and push them out of areas they consider to be Muslim areas? How many are terrorists who attack other Muslims? How many are terrorists who attack people of other religions?

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The war on terror is meant to be just exactly what it is. And here is what it is. The War on Terror is a war of terrorists against peaceful peoples of the whole world. The War on Terror is finding out that it can act against American citizens with almost as much impunity as it does against the rest of the world.

The War on Terror is a lie. It is a term used to conquer the world for the benefit of the one-world bankers, and all who follow them. It's time for our military to stop obeying unConstitutional requirements of them. It's time our military people wake up and start obeying their Oaths of Office, from the buck private to the tip brass.

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