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Religious rights and freedoms are
granted by the Creator to all of us
and protected by law in every country on earth.

Every state in the United States of America
also has its own religious freedom
provisions in their
State Constitution and Bill of Rights.

If you would like to find out how to claim
your inheritance to legal Cannabis sacrament,
please keep reading.

It is my pleasure to show you how to build
your own defense to prosecution starting today
and lasting for your entire lifetime.

Find out how to become a 'practitioner' of Cannabis sacrament and
how to establish your religious defense.

Aloha and welcome to
The Hawai'i Cannabis (THC) Ministry.

Do you use Cannabis religiously?

Would you like to use Cannabis.

Would you like to be free of legal problems
associated with Cannabis for the rest of your life?

Would you like identification that
will help to protect you from arrest,
prosecution and conviction of
Cannabis charges?

If you answered
yes to any of these questions, then
the THC Ministry might be for you.

My name is Roger Christie .
I received my license to perform marriages
in the State of Hawaii on June 19, 2000 as a
'Cannabis Sacrament'

To the best of my ability my work includes providing a
sincere, legitimate, mandatory and private
basis for those of us who enjoy Cannabis.

A typical day at the THC Ministry Sanctuary in Hilo,
                         Kingdom of Hawai'i

One morning at the THC Ministry Sanctuary in Hilo, Kingdom of Hawai'i

I have developed the
'Cannabis Sanctuary Kit & Legal Defense Package'
to help defend sincere people who use Cannabis religiously.
Check it out!

"Roger Christie is the most amazing Cannabis activist out there"
~ Jason King, author of The Cannabible

A visiting yogi reading the Ministry house Bible
                 (1854 edition family Bible)

A visiting yogi reading the Ministry house Bible
(1854 edition family Bible)


Sacrament Sunday at New Thought Church of Kona, January 2005

Sacrament Sunday at New Thought Church of Kona, January 2005

       Holy Moses - Our Sanctuary
is located in the Moses Building in Hilo

Holy Moses - Our Sanctuary is located in the Moses Building in Hilo

We have had very positive experiences
with those who have used our kit.
We invite you to tell us your testimony.
We will post your experiences, good or bad,
on the Testimonials page
or on the Forum.

If you are prosecuted for possession or cultivation of Cannabis,
please contact us immediately.
We have an excellent track record and we want to keep it that way,
for your benefit and ours.

Heads Magazine article, December 2003, on The Hawai'i Cannabis (THC) Ministry Cannabis Culture Magazine article on The Hawai'i Cannabis (THC) Ministry

Article in Heads Magazine explains The Hawai'i Cannabis (THC) Ministry.

"God, that's great! - from marijuana victim to Cannabis victory"

Cannabis Culture article backs
up Testimonial Confession.

"Hawaii's Hemp Heroes"

THC Ministry Michigan - Next 4 Miles Highway Sign

The THC Ministry began in September of 2000
and has provided Cannabis Sanctuary paperwork
to thousands of people who use it successfully.

The ministry documents are designed to work
in all 50 of the United States and
to help protect the practice of
Cannabis spirituality everywhere.
If this feels right to you and
you are over 21 years of age,
come join us for free today,
and join our forum at
(Hawaii THC Ministry)
and you may also subscribe to the
THC Ministry Newsletter.


1 Comments in Response to

Comment by Sam Weathersby
Entered on:

I am familiar with the basis for a so called cannabis ministry based on the Old Testament's mention of kanneh bosem. [Forgive my spelling.] I support the right of people to create their own religion if they want. 

 One thing I will speak against however, is calling cannabis a sacrament or the tree of life.  Yeshua Messiah [Jesus Christ] is the Tree of Life. His atoning blood is our sacrament. If you a familiar with the New Testament you know that Elohim placed His Son Yeshua as the Head of all things. Lord of Lords, King of Kings & Emanuel [Divinity with us] are some of Yeshua's 'handles'.

 No substance is needed to commune with Heavenly Father.  All that is needed is the Holy Spirit of the Almighty. No substance can take any one to Father's domain, only the Holy Spirit can do that.

I took a lot of acid & a few other hallucinogenics in the late 60's. Never did become a better person. When I asked Yeshua Messiah into my heart & life in 69 at a Phoenix branch of the House of Miracles  I didn't need to smoke or take anything. I was about 10 days straight that evening, so I was not under any influence but the Spirit of Father.

 He made Himself real to me. No aids were needed & never are. Just talk to Him straight up & ask Him to show Himself to you. Read the Gospel of John & the book of Romans for further instruction.

 Having said all that, I have a MMJ card. I use MMJ for my back disease, neck problems & insomnia. I am a citizen activist for RE-legalization & I am a Christian. More accurately, a follower of  The Way. Yeshua is the way, the truth & the life. No one comes to Father but by Him. He said that of Himself. Since HE IS the ONLY way to Father, cannabis & every other substance &/or ritual are all excluded. There is no magic prayer  no dance, nor special chant, meditation or song. Just a humble sinner asking Him for help is all that is required. You may use your own words. Just be honest & willing to follow Him.

If you want to have a cannabis religion, that's fine with me. But please don't verge on heresy by trying to justify substance use for spiritual reasons using the Bible. The Book just does NOT back up their use for religious or spiritual reasons.