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Coming to Washington? The eight unsettled House races


And in a district across the state, Democrat Kyrsten Sinema is holding onto an almost 3,000-vote lead over Republican Vernon Parker while provisional and absentee votes are counted.

Parker might have Libertarian candidate Powell Gammill to blame if he does not win. Gammill won more than 6% of the vote in Tuesday's election despite urging supporters to stay home rather than vote on Election Day in protest of the political system.


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Comment by Tyger
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 Way to go, Powell! You made it into the CNN News and even got mentioned by name! Spoiler . . .

Comment by PureTrust
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All these bizarre election processes. How in the world has the nation lasted as long as it has? Stupidity and illegal activity right and left.

And the irony of it all is that Powell urged voters to stay home, and he still received 6% or the vote! Do you think that maybe the 6% was built into the corrupt election system, so that anybody who runs with as much (or little) advertising as Powell did, would receive a fair share of the vote? What in the world is going on?

Comment by 4409
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Hilarious that they claim "Powell Gammill to blame if he does not win."

Uhhhhhhhhh no Vernon is the reason Vernon lost. If Vernon was not a Neo-con photo-radar loving douche he may have won.

Comment by Gene Kernan
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