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Cleveland Cop Exposed as Cop Block Troll

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Anonymity on the internet continues to be a thing of the past after a Cleveland cop was exposed as most likely being the same person leaving hate-filled comments to a writer of Cop Block then following it up with a hate-filled email.

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Comment by PureTrust
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I would be upset, too, if I came to websites like Cop Block and Freedom's Phoenix and found as much derogatory info about my chosen occupation. But, you know what I would do? I would do two things.

1. I would take a look at my occupation to see if it WAS the "bad" thing that some people were telling me. If I found out that it was, I would either try to clean it up, or I would choose a different occupation.

2. I would realize that, there are always going to be people who are going to say something bad about any occupation. If it happened only once in awhile, I would pass it by without a second thought.

Regarding the position of police office - peace officer - what has that position become with regard to the general public? Is it something that the people trust? Or do they fear it more than trust it? And in what ways are their feelings justified, especially in the face of all of their ignorance about issues police have, and the militarization of the whole police nation-wide force?

When police officers become Trolls, does it help their position in the eyes of the people? Doesn't it, rather, prove out what is being said?

Most important, do you think cops even care what people think about them? Outside of their own protection factor that is?

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