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As Long As Your Car Is Stopped Anyway

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The theory underlying the law enforcement panacea in Whren v. United States, approving of pretext automobile stops, is that no one can drive any distance without breaking a traffic law. Thus, if a cop follows a car long enough, he'll have justification to stop it and, well, have his way. Since a cop's claim that you swerved across a line, failed to signal or drove 3 miles over the speed limit is more than sufficient cause to stop, it's really not necessary to follow for too long if a stop is in the offing.

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Comment by PureTrust
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If they push too hard, we won't only repeal the gun laws. We'll repeal the the driving laws right along with gun law repeal. How will we do it? When we realize that we aren't going to let them take our guns, we won't stop there. We will move ahead by not letting them steal our money through traffic fines. And they'll let us, too, when they see our guns.

Comment by Powell Gammill
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