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The Economist Calls For Repealing Second Amendment

•, Steve Watson
 The Economist has called for “drastic gun control” in the wake of the Sandy Hook tragedy, saying that the Constitution should be amended to ban all guns on a national scale.

In a brazen editorial published on its website this past weekend, the Bilderberg endorsed outlet notes “If America is ever to confront its obsession with guns, that time is now.”

The piece compares Adam Lanza’s rampage in Newtown to an incident in China, where a deranged maniac recently attacked a classroom of children with a knife. Because firearms are banned in the Communist state, none of the children were killed. ” Every country has its madmen” argues the editorial, intimating that living under a tyrannical government regime is preferable because your children are safer.

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Comment by Ed Price
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Now, now. If you don't remember this ONE thing, you are missing the whole point, and it might be that you are even supporting the opposition - by accident of course.

The Bill of Rights does NOT GIVE anybody any rights. None of the laws - NO LAW - gives anybody any rights.

All that the Bill of Rights does is to make it so certain laws that might be put into effect, laws that might act against your rights, are much more easily repealed... or maybe are not put into effect in the first place.

As the Bill of Rights crumbles, you are seeing that you are going to have to fight to maintain your rights in the future. Your rights are always there. You just might have to fight hard now to assert them peacefully sometime in the future.

Consider the war on drugs. If there were an amendment that said that you could use any drugs that you wanted without a doctor's prescription, it would be much easier for you to fight the laws against certain drugs in court. The war on drugs might evaporate over night.

Since there is no amendment allowing entirely free use of any and all non-prescription drugs, using such drugs freely is a much harder thing to effect in our lives. Washington and Colorado are leading the way in the fight to uphold our rights in the presence of laws against them. And we can see how hard it has become to fight without an Amendment.

Among the important points regarding rights are these two:

1. There are little understood legal techniques written into the Constitution and Amendments that the lawyers have used to twist the whole thing into something to be used against the people. And until the people start using these techniques to their benefit, things are not going to be easy for the people. We need to study very hard to find out what these techniques might be. One big one has do do with contracts as specified in Article 1 Section 8.

2. The word "right" means, well, RIGHT. It has to do with what is right, not what is wrong. Yet, sometimes wrongness overcomes what is right. Here's the point. In anything that you do, if you somehow deny others the exercise of their rights, then you are in the wrong. It works the other way, as well. If some lawyer or Government official seems to be exercising his rights when he denies you your rights, he is exercising WRONGS, not rights.

The clarification and expressing of the above is part of what libertarianism is all about.

By the way, big government is failing, even though it looks like it is succeeding. So, be encouraged... encouraged to redouble your efforts, not to relax thinking big Government will go away easy. But it WILL go away.

Comment by Ken Sutter
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That's good. Take away all the guns so only the bankers boys (police, government, etc.) have guns. Let the genocide start - happens everytime.  Well, lets take their guns away too.-s

Comment by Powell Gammill
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British owned publication.