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Why The US Should Force People To Buy Insurance If They Want Guns

•,The Economist
 If we had liability insurance on guns, as we do 4 cars, we will see which insurance company would insure at which price folks with arsenals

It's an idea that seems to be gathering a bit of steam.

At, John Wasik lays out the logic behind treating firearm deaths as a market externality to be compensated via insurance, as we do with cars: "Those most at risk to commit a gun crime would be known to the actuaries doing the research for insurers... An 80-year-old married woman in Fort Lauderdale would get a great rate. A 20-year-old in inner-city Chicago wouldn’t be able to afford it. A 32-year-old man with a record of drunk driving and domestic violence would have a similar problem."

Robert Cyran and Reynolds Holding write that mandatory liability insurance is a measure that could pass Supreme Court muster where other restrictions might fail: "[T]here’s a strong argument that damage caused by firearms gives the government a 'compelling interest' to require insurance, the test for infringing a constitutional right."

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At the site of the article [read full story] there are a lot of common sense replies. Good place for more info, thoughts & ideas.


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