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The 17 Equations That Changed The Course Of Humanity

• Business Insider

A great example of the human impact of math is the financial crisis. Black Scholes, number 17 on this list, is a derivative pricing equation that played a role.

 "It’s actually a fairly simple equation, mathematically speaking," Professor Stewart told Business Insider. "What caused trouble was the complexity of the system the mathematics was intended to model."

Numbers have power. In this case, people depended on a theoretical equation too seriously and overreached its assumptions.

Without the equations on this list, we wouldn't have GPS, computers, passenger jets, or countless inventions in between.

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The greatest equation that changed history was the love of Jesus that sent Him to the cross. If God had not trusted that Jesus was going to do this at the proper time, the whole Universe would have collapsed in a blinding, deafening roar, right at the time that Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit.