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Warning It Started - Police Brutality Unlawful Entry, Cops Bully & Threat To Take


Published on Mar 25, 2013

Cop Hoodlums Harass Threaten, Unlawfully Enter a Home.. Please Visit Vance's Channel to show him support Let him know that cops cant harass him for recording there corruption !!!

Quoted from his Video

"You have no rights. I was warned to stop posting police brutality videos of coral springs dirty cops. The next day you see by this video I was illegally invaded for posting videos of the truth. This is sick and goes beyond nightmare. Help me please anyone I'm in fear for my family's life and I'm not joking.

Be well people know if my rights went then yours did also. Your next police encounter may be deadly or those you love may have a deadly encounter if I almost died. I have no spleen 1/4 my liver gone and 6' assorted intestines lost to police brutality over two encounters with police I video taped and posted. Help me by passing this video to someone who will help. You may be saving my life. Kindly help me anyone!"

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Comment by PureTrust
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How does stuff like this get posted on YouTube? Don't cops delete stuff like this before it can get posted? Or would there be a hundred times more stuff posted if they didn't delete it, and this was one of the few accidents that got through? Or was it being sent to another phone at the same time it was being filmed, and it was put on YouTube off that other phone?