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The endless befuddlement over ‘need’


“Please tell me who needs an assault weapon other than our military?????? i just do not understand anyone buying one for any good reason other than assault of some horrible kind. i am 71, each day i am more troubled about the world and the direction it’s going in.”

By the numbers, then:

1) The types of weapons which cynical lawmakers now seek to ban are NOT assault weapons, which by definition are medium-caliber short carbines that will fire full-auto. “Civilian” (non-police) possession of such true assault weapons as the M-16, the AK-47, or the 1942 Fallschirmjagergewehr (the original assault weapon; I’d love to own one; a licensed dealer tells me I’d pay $40,000 to $50,000 even if one could be found) is heavily restricted.

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Comment by Leslie Fish
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The guns which our government is trying to ban are "needed" by anyone who lives in a neighborhood where people are likely to be attacked by gangs: drug gangs, car-jacking gangs, or just plain punk gangs.  How many of you out there have never encountered one of these, or never known anyone who has?  To drive off gang of maybe 20 punks requires a magazine larger than 10 shots, and a gun that can rapidly fire them.