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Bitcoin crashes over 50% just one day after bold public prediction


Mike Adams
Natural News
April 11, 2013

In what has to be the most accurate currency crash prediction ever made, bitcoin crashed today from $266 to a low of $105 in a rapid “free fall” market crash pattern, erasing $1 billion in currency valuation in a matter of hours. I openly and publicly predicted all this would occur yesterday, in both a Natural News article as well as national radio via the Alex Jones Show broadcast aired on over 120 am stations.

But the real story here isn’t that I accurately made this dire prediction less than 24 hours before it took place; the real story is that this crash was almost certainly caused by a covert central bank “stress test” of the pliability of the bitcoin market. That’s all explained below. (This is a Natural News exclusive. Nobody else has realized this yet…)

Alternative media nails it

The alternative media has already begun to pick up on the story of the crash and the prediction I made just hours before it took place. Mac Slavo of writes:

Earlier this morning, Mike Adams of Natural News penned a warning to investors and those seeking privacy and wealth protection by utilizing the digitally encrypted BitCoin currency unit… A few hours after Adams’ dire warning was posted, the crash he warned about has become a reality.

This morning, without warning, and moments after Bitcoin achieved its all time highs, the currency collapsed over 50%, essentially vaporizing upwards of one billion dollars in value.

This is what panic selling looks like — in real time:

Anthony Gucciardi of writes:

Bitcoins have been surging beyond $200 amid mass speculation and bandwagon investment, but as of this writing bitcoin value has dropped from $266 to a low of $105 — a crash that was predicted verbatim just several hours before by Mike Adams of NaturalNews.

…as predicted by Mike Adams just several hours beforehand in his article “How the looming bitcoin crash will be exploited by globalists to outlaw decentralized crypto currencies”, bitcoin holders have entered a nightmare scenario sparked by what appears to be individuals purposefully attempting to devalue the currency…


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Comment by Ed Price
Entered on:

The Bitcoin crash isn't as disasterous as it may sound. A crash comes about when more people want to sell than there are who want to buy. That's it.

If your neighbor needed to sell his car, and he needed cash for it right now, so he asked you to buy the car, what would you tell him if you didn't want the car? You'd tell him to forget it. If he was willing to let it go for 50% of its value, you just might reconsider.

The Bitcoins are still out there. There are simply new owners, some of whom got a deal. Others were hurt a bit, because they bought their first coins late, when the price was high.

One of the best things that might come out of this crash - and probably the thing that a bunch of early Bitcoin users, and the core programers, want - people will start using Bitcoins for buy/sell transactions rather than an investment to line their pockets with standard bank fiat money.

The second good thing that will come out of this is, we will see if Bitcoin is really worth it... if it has true staying power. Personally, I ain't sellin' mine.

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