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Seven men charged in Liberty Reserve global money-laundering operation

• Washington Post
Federal prosecutors charged seven men in connection with a massive online money-laundering operation that for years offered a way for drug traffickers, child pornographers and others in the criminal underworld to move cash around the world quickly, officials said Tuesday. The network, run by a Costa Rican company called Liberty Reserve, processed at least $6 billion for more than a million clients, including 200,000 in the United States. 

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Comment by PureTrust
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Of course they are going to fight. After all, Liberty Reserve is cutting into their profits. So, they will use every method at their disposal to nip it as close to the bud as they can. And all the while they will vilify LR and Bitcoin. Why? To take the focus off themselves, because they are a million times worse in the things that they are doing:

Government officials running prostitution rings on the side;

Big Pharma with all their drugs killing millions more people than weed cartels could ever think of killing;

Government taxation bypasses;

Purchasing hit-men for assassinations outside of Governmental authorization;

Supporting non-Obama terrorism that is starting to actually thwart the gigantic Obama terrorist machine a little.

No wonder Government and the banks want to control Liberty Reserve and Bitcoin. Everyone, including banks and governments, tries to eliminate the competition.

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