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Take a look inside the self-sufficient growing dome where it's always springtime

 Inside the protype BioEnergy Dome in a Navajo Indian Reservation near Naatani, Arizona, it is always springtime.

The incredible growing pod is completely self-sufficient and can produce energy, food and fish all year round.

This BioEnergy Dome manufactured by Oregon-based Pacific International Domes is a prototype experiment in the field of environmentally friendly, self-sustaining organic farming and energy.

The white seven metre diameter geodesic dome and white cloth sun reflectors consist on the inside of a pond and cascading water-fed planting trays.
It creates an 'eternal springtime' and when completely operational can produce around five kilogrammes of organic vegetables per day, 45 to 68kg of fish per year and enough methane gas to power a modern home.

Once installed, it takes an hour of maintenance per day to keep it running at maximum capacity.

The duckweed and algae convert solar energy biomass in the specially designed dome that maintains consistent natural sunlight.

Plant are harvested and composted in a methane digester. Methane is then fed into a generator which converts thermal heat into power.

CO2 and water vapour, which are the only emissions, are cycled back into the dome to feed the growing plants.

Unutilised biomass can be dried and pressed into pellets which can be used for fuel, fertiliser or fodder.

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This is really good. In a few years, the landscape will be littered with vacant, failed, growing domes like these. Can't wait. I'll get mine free, then. Or will I really want it then?