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Police Barge into Home, Make Arrest over Length of Grass - Police State! - 6/21/13

• youtube (h/t Lew Rockwell blog)

Police came barging into a woman's home because they wanted to arrest the owner for the length of her lawn. A tenant, Robyn Ruckman, recorded the encounter. As she answered the door, police treated her rudely and started making demands. She told them her name but that wasn't good enough. They wanted her to produce ID.

After asking them to stay outside, police and health inspectors barged into her home.

"You know, I don't even see a nametag," Ruckman told the officer.

"I don't give a sh*t what you see. Go get your ID. You see that?! It says POLICE."

Police were performing a 12-hour roundup of the town's offenders, including the horrendous crimes of having uncut grass. The Lawn Nazis took care of business that day, and the streets were safe once again. Robyn Ruckman got off easy that day, as she was not the landlord. It was the owner of the long grass that was to be put behind bars.

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Comment by Jerry Alexander
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Who are these thugs? Maybe they should be exposed.Do they have American families? Who are they?

Comment by Stupid Amerkin
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This just isn't real. My GOD! what the f__k is wrong with these drones? Was this a warrant for a felony charge? The woman should have never opened her door for these nazis to begin with because they would have no legal right to break into her house, but that wouldn't matter. These nazis believe they don't have to show you no stinkin badges or follow any laws if they don't want to and they are supported by the other part of the criminal organization called a county which in reality is nothing more then a local empire.