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Lest One Guilty Man Go Free

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.... his anecdotal takeaway from his undergrad teaching gig in criminal law at University of Houston.

    During one of our class discussions about wrongful convictions I presented the question, “What do you fear the most, the guilty going free or the innocent being convicted?”  I think the question surprised them because there was a long silence before people started to answer.  But the answers came…. and they came in bunches.  The majority of the students said that they feared the guilty going free the most. ...

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The logic!

Logic says that if Government incarcerates an innocent man (or woman), that Government is guilty of criminal wrong-doing. So, isn't it about time we wake up and realize who bears the greatest guilt? It isn't those condemned by Government as being Guilty. It's Government that is guilty itself... for wrongful condemnation of the innocent... and for almost all the widespread evils that exist around the world!

So, what does it really show us about the people when the students say that "... they feared the guilty going free the most?"

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