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What the Federal Reserve Could Do with Ellen Brown

• arclein
W]e have $3 trillion or so [in] bank reserves. Bank reserves can only be used by banks, so they don’t do much good for the rest of us. While the reserves may not do much for the economy, the Treasuries they remove from it are in high

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Comment by PureTrust
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Probably the best thing the FED could do would be to shut itself down while at the same time cancelling all those make believe debts that they claim people and governments owe them. It would protect them as well as us.

If the FED shut down...

1. Income taxes would be eliminated, because the Constitution does not allow income taxes by the Federal Government directly. The FED has been the sieve that allows the Government to get income tax money from us.

2. No income taxes means that the people have more money for living and projects to expand jobs and the economy.

3. No income taxes means that the Government will need to get more taxes from import/export. This will bring even more jobs home.

4. The expenses of FED and IRS operations would be eliminated, saving a ton of money there.

5. Reduced income to the Government would cause welfare recipients to lose funding. But the jobs opened up would get them into an honest lifestyle, and make them feel better about themselves.

6. Less money for Government would mean less money for the military, which would bring our troops home, and start to correct the bad feelings that other nations around the world have for us.

7. Good international feelings for Americans around the world would open up trade relations everywhere.

The only people who benefit from the Federal Reserve Bank are the Power Elite who are building a one-world government for themselves, that they will control.