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Papp Noble Gas Engine

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On this page one will find my replication attempt to prove that the The Papp Noble Gas Engine works!or at lease prove that you can take noble gas's and do work with the plasma they form.

First i must thank the man who has supplied most the funds for this project, he goes by the name Ethospete, please hive him a huge thank you as with out him none of this work would be done!!!!!! it would be just a dream... support and funding is always needed, But please only donate if you can, no not donate your last savings. The donation button is for those who are able to donate some  "Chuck change" and its only there for that reason. Funding keeps the site up and the information flowing for free!!! We are the change! lets be it!

I will update this page as the work is done or as i have Time.

Please see the thread where we are having all the discussions and updates on the project:

Here are some photos of my test set up as of now.  For the most part this is a replica of what Bob Rohner has built, you can see bob's tests here:

I want to thank Bob for posting videos and information on his web site, the cell was constructed by studding all the videos and information on his YouTube and website.  My hats off to you bob! fantastic work and test set up!!!

For the most part, its ready for testing, the last thing is to install the aluminum buckets...


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