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Effects of Ancient Meteor Impacts Still Visible on Earth Today

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More than 35 million years ago, a 15-story wall of water triggered by an asteroid strike washed over Virginia from its coast, then located at Richmond, to the foot of the inland Blue Ridge Mountains — an impact that would affect millions of people should it occur today....

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From the article.

"It's not like a bus or a train schedule; it just happens that frequently on average," Mazanek said. "It's like a coin toss. Even though it's a 50-50 heads or tails average, it could be heads 10 times in a row or tails 10 times in a row."


Often these things are methods that God uses to change the course of wickedness, and the wicked.

The question is, when is God going to use one of these meteor catastrophes against the wickedness and unbelief of the world again?