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Experiments Show How Light Bulbs Can Spy On You


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Comment by Ed Price
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This means that the Edward Snowden thing was all a NSA set-up to get the people to focus on watching what they are saying on their phones, etc. And here all along the NSA is listening - and probably watching - everything that is done in front of or near a computer screen... even while it is shut down.

Remember the old tube-style touch screens? These worked by capacitance being created when someone moved his finger close to the screen in a particular area of the screen. The electronics of those screens was actually able to "feel" the slight electrostatic pressure of the bio-electric charge on the person's finger.

With the LED screens, they can actually pick up light as well as sound. And modern computer enhancement programs can convert a seemingly useless jumble of received, LED vibrations into recognizable pictures without the use of focusing lenses... the sound part was perfected long ago.

The question is, how much computer strength and speed does it take with present-day technology to convert what a LED screen "sees" into good pictures? I mean, can someone sit out in the parking lot in a van, and literally see the way you are dressed (or undressed) as you are typing at your keyboard in your home office?

And if we weren't paranoid enough already...

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