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Woman strip-searched, thrown in jail over unpaid traffic ticket

 Take the recent case of a North Texas woman who was handcuffed by officers, told to strip naked and then booked into jail - for an overdue traffic ticket.

As reported by CBS-DFW:

It was just a ticket. Sarah Boaz was cited in August after an officer said she ran a stop sign.

Boaz lost the ticket, but said she knows it was wrong not to have paid it right away. Despite those missteps, she also says she never expected a late fee or penalty to land her in jail.

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Comment by PureTrust
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The "trick" that has kept the American Government alive in the face of all the people, is its relative transparency, and its relative justice.

What I mean is, the PEOPLE believe that the Government is relatively okay, so they agree to it, even when it hurts.

This kind of thing has been a thorn in the side of the One-World Elite... in their plans for taking over the world.

This is probably the last chance that they will ever have to rule formally and outrightly. Because of this, they are trying out new measures to speed up their take-over. One of the new measures is to train, drug, and covertly brainwash cops into doing what is wrong. Their idea is to get the PEOPLE to rebel formally, against the cops. When this happens, they will have a REAL excuse for martial law.

Now, martial law isn't a threat against the PEOPLE itself. Why not? Because the people can put it down as fast as ever anytime they want. After all, the "marshals" in martial law are made up of the PEOPLE.

So, where is the danger? The danger lies in the number of people who think that martial law is justified. Among these people are the "marshals" who need to keep their jobs, the military, who has been trained to follow orders no matter what, business owners, who need martial law to protect their businesses (or so they think), employees of the businesses, who want to keep their jobs. And that includes almost all the PEOPLE.

In fact, the only people who are against this kind of activity among cops are the victims, and those are threatened with becoming victims. The rest of the people don't know, don't care, don't understand the danger, or want it this way.

I commend Freedom's Phoenix and others like her, for getting the message out. I commend those individuals among the police and military who are trying to bring their departments and organizations into a position of acting fairly and justly. I would commend Obama if I thought that he was acting covertly against his own regime. I certainly comment the few in Congress and the State Governments who are trying to change things back to what they should be.

Let's keep on fighting to wake the PEOPLE up. Because it's the people who determine what happens.

Somebody might say that it is God Who is in control. Yes, it is He. But He acts according to the needs and desires of His PEOPLE.

Comment by Stupid Amerkin
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Why are all the actions by these drones with guns and badges always down played by any media outlet?  Unwarranted? How about assault and criminal behavior? 

These bastards actually believe they are above any law and they are supported by the dens of corruption where they all protect their own and their pay checks.

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