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The Surprisingly Violent Story Of How The Trucking Industry Killed Fair Prices...

•, Alex Davies
 Automakers like General Motors, BMW, and Volkswagen are making a big effort to get more Americans into diesel-powered cars.

There are lots of reasons to love diesel cars: They offer a ton of torque and excellent fuel economy, and they're not as dirty and loud as they once were — we were thrilled with the latest diesel Audis.

But the fact remains that in the U.S., diesel is more expensive than the gasoline that powers nearly all our passenger vehicles — and that's an obstacle to growing its popularity.

Why is that the case, when the reverse is true in Europe?
The difference dates back to a bitter conflict between President Ronald Reagan, Congress, and the trucking industry, and unfortunately it's not going anywhere.

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Comment by Stupid Amerkin
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The trucking industry along with the Department of Transportation and the insurance companies are the biggest racketeering enterprise in existence that has been robbing the people for multi billions for generations and it's all just business as usual.


Will we ever wake up?