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Vespa's lethal 150 TAP: A scooter with serious attitude

•, By Mike Hanlon
 In the late 1950s, French Vespa licensee ACMA (Ateliers de Construction de Motocycles et Automobiles) produced 500 (perhaps more) examples of this military Vespa with integrated M20 recoilless rifle / light anti-armor cannon, in two production runs in 1956 and 1959.

Though there's a lot of dubious information on the Vespa 150 TAP on the internet, much of which claims the rider could fire the M20 on the move, a close inspection of the 150 TAP convinced me that it was not set up to be fired from the scooter, partly due to the lack of access to the firing mechanism of the American-made M20 recoilless rifle, partly due to its mounting slightly across the frame (which would no doubt have resulted in some handling difficulties for the rider of the lightweight 150 kg scooter – recoilless is only a relative term in this instant), and partly due to the thin saddle covering, which might well have resulted in a fate worse than death. There's also the slight issue of aiming the M20 – not much point in getting that much firepower in place with limited ammunition and wasting it.

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Comment by Ed Price
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How goofy can you get! First the Government convinces the people that we need companies like Vesper to build new kinds of stupidity like this for the military. Of course, the Government officials get a piece of the funding.

Gradually, over time, the military gets built into the humongous thing that we have today, continuously, covertly selling our new inventions and technology to foreign nations, just so that the military and government can claim that they need more money for new research to overcome the technology of the supposed enemy.

Then, to make it all real, we need to attack places like Iraq, Afghanistan and Iran, to say nothing about Viet Nam, or the way our Government secretly pushed Japan into attacking Pearl Harbor in WWII. And if we as people don't support the military and the Government in these "wars," then they simply do another thing like the 9/11 thing that they did, to scare us into giving them what they want.

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