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Who needs Earth when you can grow crops in space?

•, Travis Andrews
And we've already done it. A bunch of crops were recently grown and harvested on the International Space Station, and they've been proven safe to eat. We've got wheat, peas, and leafy greens growing up in space, going where no leafy greens have gone before.
Growing crops in space has a few obvious benefits, all which mirror plants’ usages here on Earth. They serve as a great source of food, yes, but they can also help recycle the carbon dioxide that the astronauts exhale into their environment. Finally, they can turn human waste into food. All of this is (often) taken for granted here on Earth, but with the limited resources found in the inky blackness of space, plant life could be a complete game-changer. The plants are grown hydroponically, meaning they are grown in nutrient-enriched water (without soil). 

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