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Icis: It's like Google Glass, but classy

•, by Chris Matyszczyk
 Picture Larry Page: all nerd, all business. Not a man, one suspects, who worries too much about couture. Now take a look at Laforge Optical CEO and Founder Corey Mack in the video below. There's a little snazz there.

So, it's not surprising that his startup is taking on Google's famed Glass at one of its more vulnerable pressure points: the embarrassment factor.

Although he says he doesn't want to criticize Google Glass too much, as it isn't a finished product, Mack told me: "Our biggest competition is Google Glass but our approach is different, because we focused on creating a device that people don't mind being seen in."

Translation: Laforge's Icis is Google Glass for real human beings. You know, the ones who bathe in the power of the superficial, as well as the serious.

Still not wishing to criticize Google Glass too much, Mack told me: "Style is a subjective thing and currently the bar is set pretty low."

So he and his team decided to create wearable eyewear that, they believe, not only looks good, but has a more friendly user interface. Instead of having to look up and to the right -- as with Google Glass -- Icis's information, which comes from the cloud, is displayed around the outside of the field of vision.

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