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Himalayan Bath Salts Will Not Save Your Life

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Comment by Henry Bowman
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Renzulli is performing a public service. The sort of irrational, magical-thinking BS run by Natural News cheapens Freedoms Phoenix every time they run an article from it. I know the website owners want to keep this an "open forum for discussion," but when you run wacko nonsense you spread the smell all over your non-wacko content.

Comment by Ken Sutter
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 Mr. Palmer doesn't have a clue. Obviously a shill for the medial estabishment. The scientific studies HAVE been done Mr. Palmer. That you chose to ignore them states load and clear you embrace the genocide known as allopathic Medicine, of which the statistics alone prove the genocide is real and very deliberate. I object to a few of Mike Adams articles too but for the most part he's right on and you know it.

And Freedoms Phoenix what are you doing caring articles like this? Makes you look suspicious too. Truth, folks, thruth. NOT Mr. Palmers garbage.    

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