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How to Survive in the Desert

 In the popular media, desert areas seem to beconsidered at the top of the wilderness list for danger. The historical fact is, however, that the human race was cradled in arid lands and people are well adapted to survive in deserts. Learning to be part of the desert’s ecosystem is the first step of desert survival. My philosophy is not to fight the desert, but to become part of its ecosystem. Being prepared is an obvious benefit.

Preparation starts with how you dress. People stand upright and receive only 60% of the solar radiation that animals on all fours do. By adding a proper hat, with a wide brim and closed crown, the head and body are further protected.

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How to survive in the desert? about asking those civilizations (the oldest on Earth, btw) that have survived in that terrain for thousandths of years how it's done.  Wouldn't it be prudent to ask experts in the subject, people who have made a way of life out of it instead of engaging on hypothetical American bs and mental masturbation?

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