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Criminal justice major arrested for sitting at bus stop filming police, called ‘Nigerian nightmare’

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A criminal justice student at the University of Texas at San Antonio was arrested last week while sitting at bus stop and filming  police officers operating a speed trap, according to KENS 5.

Abie Kyle Ikhinmwin, 25, had been filming officers pulling cars over along Highway 281 in San Antonio, and posting the videos to Facebook for her friends noting, ‘This is where our funding is going, straight into hard police work.’....

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Comment by Lola Flores
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Yessir, what's good for the goose is most definitely not good for the gander. 

Are the Connecticut Patriots going to do something about this?

Comment by Ed Price
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There's money to be made here.

How about a business, which, like insurance, collects a fee from voluntary folks, to set up groups who constantly move around the city to police action locations and film each other, say, from across the street, at the same time that they are filming police. Then, there would be several documents of police brutality and going outside the law.

If this couldn't be done as an insurance-type deal, think of the money we could make getting one $million after another in court for police brutality!

Money to be made here. After a while, the municipalities that were doling out the court adjudicated payments would reign their cops in.

Comment by Ed Price
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We are required to obey police. When will police be made to be required to obey the law?

Comment by Stupid Amerkin
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More out of control corporate thugs. This was a text book example of nazism. Hitler would be proud.

These road nazis are the most dangerous element in our society today.

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