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Of Course the Government Is Lying About 9-11.

•, By Gary North
 It is a professional looking video. It may work. Lots of people may get involved. But fewer than 4,000 people have seen it.

The group wants to get the word out. I am all in favor of getting the word out on 9-11. This could be a hook for getting the word out on other issues. People who finally figure out that they have been manipulated by the spin masters in the U.S. government are probably more prepared to accept the message that there is a long-term pattern of deception here.

The video focuses on Canada. This may work. There is a higher percentage of Canadians who think the U.S. government is willing to lie, than there is of Americans who think this. Anyway, that is my guess.

But the question occurs to me: “Who is putting up the money for this campaign?” Then this question occurs to me: “Why?”

I am a great believer in searching for historical truth. I am also a great believer in the fact that hardly anyone is committed to such a search, and of those who are, most of them don’t have much money.

When dealing with the government’s version of history, always ask this question: “Who is covering up?” But don’t forget this question: “Who is paying for this round of uncovering?” And this question: “Why?”

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