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Allow Police To Charge Citizens Who Bring Abuse Charges Against Officers When Charges Dismissed

• Jonathan Turley
The Kansas House Standing Committee on Corrections and Juvenile Justice has introduced an extraordinary bill that would allow citizens to be criminally charged if they bring abuse or misconduct charges against police officers are that later dismissed by the police department. They would be subject to a felony charge for perjury in such cases — a clear threat that will chill anyone considering such a charge in the future....

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Comment by Temper Bay
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When Justice for the abuse by the police can not be obtained thru the legal process then the only justice left is 'street justice'. 

Comment by Stupid Amerkin
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So what happens to prosecutors who get a conviction that turns out to be innocent? What happens to these corporate nazis who in fact do get convicted, (RIGHT) of abuse? They get promoted. The hits just keep on comin.