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Now you can buy a $60,000 remote-controlled dragon, because why not?

•, By Dave LeClair
 Now, this beast is actually for sale via Hammacher Schlemmer, with a staggering US$60,000 price tag.

The flying dragon has a wing span of nine feet (2.7 m), which is just a tad shorter than the height of your average basketball hoop. It features a miniature turbine engine in the chest that thrusts out the rear of the mythical beast at 500 mph (804.7 km/h). It's powered by jet aircraft fuel or kerosine, and its half-gallon tank can keep it airborne for about 10 minutes before it will need to be landed and refueled. Not exactly long flights, but I suppose that if you're going to spend $60K on a flying dragon, fuel costs probably aren't a huge concern.

The dragon promises to have all of the steering points of a standard aircraft, including elevators, ailerons, and a rudder. All of this is controlled via a 2.4 GHz remote control.

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