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Saturn's Moon Enceladus Is Now A Top Candidate For Life

•, Francie Diep
 Buried under miles of ice, astronomers have detected a liquid water sea on one of Saturn's moons, Enceladus. The sea is about the size of Lake Superior and it touches Enceladus' silicate core… which means it could have minerals dissolved in it that are necessary for life. "It makes, in fact, the interior of Enceladus a very attractive potential place to look for life," Jonathan Lunine, a Cornell University astronomer who worked on the study determining Enceladus has an ocean, said during a teleconference for reporters.

This extraterrestrial sea could also be the source of water for those funny jets Enceladus has geysering out of its south pole, but scientists don't yet have data linking the two phenomena.

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