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Arms Cache Most Likely Kept in Texas by the C.I.A.

• New York Times
.... “I have worried about the extent to which the U.S. has spread small arms around over the decades to various parties it supported,” he said. “Such weapons are pretty durable and, after the cause du jour passed, where did they go? To be a little dramatic about it, how many of those AK-47s and RPG-7s we see Islamists waving around today passed through the Midwest Depot on their way to freedom fighters in past decades?”...

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Comment by Chip Saunders
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This is very old news. Back in the early 90's when the wall came down, the U.S. was flying plane loads of this stuff in from the former East Germany and other Soviet satellites. The planes would stop off at Guantanamo to refuel, or load up after being off-loaded from cargo ships, then ferry the booty in over the Caribbean to Texas.

Friends of mine in the circle of veteran covert operatives who keep in touch with each other and trade illicit material from their adventures used to arrange for cases of machineguns and other toys to get "lost" in transit. One good friend nearly drowned one night off of Galveston Island when they were in place a few miles off the coast to retrieve a "kicker",...a case of "lost" items that were kicked out the back of the C130 as it overflew on approach to the mainland. Imagine trying to heave a crate full of five 20lbs. PKM belt-feds out of the rolling sea into your dinghy without falling in or capsizing, all while dressed in black and trying to keep an eye out for the Coast Guard.

Tricky stuff.