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World's smallest comic carved into a strand of human hair

•, By Nick Lavars
 Created for the Exceptional Hardware Software Meeting (EHSM) in Germany next month, "Juanita Knits the Planet" is the world's smallest comic strip, detailing a day in the life of Juanita, a ten micron-tall girl-turned-robot.
The world's smallest comic strip was carved into the hair using a technique called focused ion beaming (FIB). This involves using a sharp and high-speed jet of matter, sputtering atoms onto the surface to carve out a pattern in the process.
The FIB technique differs from that used by IBM to produce the world's smallest magazine cover last month, which was created to draw attention to what it sees as a stagnation of Moore's Law. The nanoscale magazine cover was crafted using a technique IBM calls nanopatterning and measures 11 x 14 micrometers.

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