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Obama’s Internet ID Plot Being Tested in Two States

•, by ProudAmericanFirst

According to the White House, the virtual "Identity Ecosystem" being funded and pushed by the federal government is supposed to make the Internet more "secure" and "convenient." Critics across the political spectrum, however, are warning that the Orwellian scheme only makes it more convenient for the feds to spy on people, control the public, and suppress dissent.

Indeed, critics, who have been sounding the alarm bells for years, say the plot — a version of which is already in place under the brutal communist regime ruling mainland China — represents a major danger to privacy, free speech, Internet freedom, and more. Organizations and activists from virtually every point on the political spectrum are gearing up to "vehemently" oppose the plan and its brazen threats to freedom — not to mention the constitutional and practical problems it entails.

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Comment by Powell Gammill
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Because anonymity is so overrated. Because our founding father's never envisioned a day when people could actually be anonymous. Because only the government is authorized to keep secrets.