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'A lot more terror attacks coming our way:' ...

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"A lot more terror attacks coming our way: former NSA chief
Gen. Keith Alexander, the former head of the spy agency, warned in an interview with The New Yorker of a growing number of potential attacks on the U.S.
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Here are excerpts from the interview.

In January, President Obama claimed that the N.S.A. bulk-metadata program has disrupted fifty-four terrorist plots. Senator Patrick Leahy said the real number is zero. Theres a big difference between fifty-four and zero.

Those [fifty-four events] were plots, funding, and giving money—like the Basaaly Moalin case, where the guy is giving money to someone to go and do an attack. [Note: Moalins case is awaiting appeal.] Its fifty-four different events like that, where two programs—the metadata program and the 702 program—had some play.

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