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Rethinking the Khazar Theory

• arclein
For years I accepted the Khazar theory as true. After it, all it was repeated by some writers who also recognized the leading Jewish role in Communism and their leadership in many other subversive movements. It was only later, when I considered the question logically and scientifically, were my doubts about the Khazar theory aroused. There are three fundamental issues which need to addressed: the scientific evidence; the historical-logical evidence; and the reasons why the Khazar theory came about.

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Comment by Ed Price
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Several points about the article...

Perhaps the biggest point is that the Talmud was started by the Jewish priests who went into captivity in Babylon in the years around 588 B.C. The Talmud is not part of the Bible. And to devout, God-fearing Jews, it is of far lesser importance than the Torah (the books of Moses) and the Tanakh, which is essentially the Old Testament of the Bible. The picky legalism of the Talmud leaves out the most important theme of the whole Old Testament - love of God above all things, and love of your neighbor as yourself.

The next thought is, how can the God of the Old Testament be a loving God, and yet order His people to destroy the other nations? The answer is quite simple. God gave ALL nations hundreds of years to LOVE GOD ABOVE ALL THINGS, AND TO (individually) LOVE THEIR NEIGHBORS AS THEMSELVES, but they would not! Yet, that is what the whole UNIVERSE is based on - love of God first, and neighbor as yourself second. So, it was NOT God destroying the nations. It was the nations destroying themselves. God simply used HIS people to accomplish the nations' self-destruction of themselves.

Consider that when the nation of Israel (the Jews) became as wicked as the surrounding nations, God caused them to fall, just as He had the surrounding nations.

The thing that caused God to depose Israel/the Jews from their position as a nation entirely was, when they as a nation group killed His Holy Son, Jesus, by pushing the Romans into crucifying Him. Less than a hundred years later, the Jewish Nation was destroyed, and its people completely scattered. The scattering lasts to this day. The Israel at the East end of the Mediterranean is a fake Israel, set up by the nations of the world for political reasons, and used by the Devil in his final attempt to conquer the world before the return of Jesus (read your Bible New Testament).

The thing that stands firm in all of this is, God promised Abraham because of his faith, that He would make Abraham's descendants into a great nation. In foresight, recognizing that Abraham's physical descendants would turn away from God, and from the faith of Abraham, God placed into Moses' laws the method for adopting aliens into the Jewish nation. And God is fulfilling this adoption by adopting Christians from every nation of the world into HIS SPIRITUAL ISRAEL, the REAL one that Abraham was the father of. Because of this, there will be mix-ups about who belongs to Israel and who does not! But... God know the hearts of His people.

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