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If They Didn't Have a Snowden, They'd Have to Make Him Up

• A.C. Johnson
s Edward Snowden a whistle-blowing patriot or a lying traitor? After watching his recent interview with NBC News anchor and softball player Brian Williams, I have the answer. Snowden is not telling us the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Why is that a surprise? By his own admission, Snowden is a spy. Spies lie. The interview makes it evident Snowden is here to snow us into believing the official 9/11 fairy tale, the Boston Marathon street theater, and to make us believe our national security apparatus lacks competency. His job is to make sure we know the extent of NSA surveillance conducted upon us, while pushing the story that this intelligence is incompetently interpreted and processed: a giant "haystack" that the NSA lacks the ability to understand.

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