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Rediscover Health at THE THYROID SUMMIT! FREE online from June 2-9, 2014

If you're not aware of a thyroid problem, you could develop psychological, cardiovascular and neurological disorders. Medications for a variety of symptoms will never solve the problem, but optimizing your thyroid hormone with vitamins, minerals, dietary changes and the right medications can.
You may have thyroid disease if you have any of these symptoms: Anxiety, Heart disease, Mood swings, Chronic fatigue, Heart palpitations, Obesity, Cold intolerance, Infertility, Sexual problems, Depression, Insomnia, Shortness of breath, Hair loss, Loss of sex drive, or Dry Skin.

This summit will provide you with all the information you need to optimize thyroid function and stop the suffering once and for all. Learn why conventional medicine misses the diagnosis.Find out which thyroid tests will properly evaluate thyroid function.Educate yourself and learn how to speak with your medical professionals.Access safe and effective natural remedies from over 30 world-leading authorities! Don't settle for poor health! Change your life. Stop feeling sick and tired. Join us at The Thyroid Summit!

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