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Florida Man Fires Four Shots Into The Air And Is Given 80 Years In Prison

• Jonathan Turley
.... Ronald Williams, 29, fired five shots in the air to scare off what he said were four gay men flirting with him. He was conviction in 2010 of four counts of aggravated assault. However, the trial judge said that state law required that each count — effectively each bullet — be sentenced consecutively rather than concurrently. The result is an excessive 80 year sentence....

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Comment by PureTrust
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It seems that, since 1933 when HJR 192 came into being in Congress, the U.S. has been in formal, perpetual bankruptcy. Because of this, there is no money to pay for anything. The result is also no Government by any means except commerce.

Whenever any Government official is attempting to get you to do anything, even so much as to answer an official question, right down to an arrest, he is really making a commercial offer for you to accept some agreement of his. It seems that the best solution is to honor his request by accepting his offer for monetary value, payable at such a time that we get out of the bankruptcy, and back into using money (gold and silver, or currency so backed).

Google and Youtube search on "accepted for value." Once you have the basics down, search for names like Winston Shrout, Doug Riddle, Karl Lentz (for some deep, strong, foundational methods for fighting THEM), Howard Griswold, David DeRiemer (who Ernie interviewed in the past), David Clarence, Angela Stark (, and a whole host of others. Get your friends and family out of jail by following the info shown by these people and their following, all based on "Accepted for Value."