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Caseboard electric skateboard knows when to fold 'em


The battery and motor that make things so cruisy when the board is underfoot have the opposite effect when its tucked under your arm. And it's not just the weight, with electric skateboards generally featuring a longboard form factor that can be unwieldy to carry. That's why Adam Riley of Epic Skateboards has developed the Caseboard, an electric skateboard that folds in half for carrying like a briefcase when not getting users from A to B.

Unlike like the Fiik, ZBoard, Boosted Board and Evolve electric skateboards that essentially strap a motor, battery and necessary electrics to a wooden longboard, the Caseboard packs everything under a high grade ABS (Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) thermoplastic shell and looks like a cross between an auto-mechanic's creeper and half a plastic guitar case.

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