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A forthcoming film about Kelo v. City of New London

• Washington Post

Today is the ninth anniversary of Kelo v. City of New London, the controversial Supreme Court decision in which the Court ruled that it was permissible for the government to take private property and give to another private owner in order to promote "economic development" because the hope of increased development is enough to meet Fifth Amendment's requirement that all takings be for a "public use." Kelo generated a broader political backlash than virtually any other modern Supreme Court ruling, with some 80% of the public opposing the decision, and a record 45 states passing eminent domain reform laws in response.

Filmmakers Ted and Courtney Balaker are producing a movie about the case, which they describe in this USA Today op ed:

The Constitution once limited how governments could use eminent domain, but post-Kelo, that's no longer the case. Officials routinely lock arms with corporations or billionaires to forcibly transfer property from one private owner to another, not for public use, but for private gain….

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