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Outrageous L.A. Court Tells Defendants: "Traffic Ticket Trials Not Allowed"

• by Martin Hill,
In an outrageous illustration of government corruption gone mad, traffic court clerks in Los Angeles County have resorted to telling defendants who want to plead not guilty to traffic citations that traffic ticket trials are 'not permitted due to budget cuts.'....
[VIDEO quality is horrid----Jitter and very poor sound. If you are going to conduct interviews get a decent camera with a boom mike.  Or at least a cell phone that works.]

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Comment by Stupid Amerkin
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Traffic courts,(dens of corruption), are all based on a fraud to begin with, trial or no trial. When will the people wake up to the reality that the highways are OPEN by a matter of RIGHT to the traveling public. This has been established many times by the USSC, but ]there is too much revenue involved for the local empires, (counties) to acknowledge. To put it straight, the department of transportation, DMV linked with the trucking industry and insurance companies are the biggest racketeering enterprise operation to exist across this country that has been robbing the people for generations of their money, property and even lives and it's all still just business as usual. Stop PFP, Policing For Profit and expose the corporate criminals all part of the justus system,