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Albuquerque police sued over fatal camper shooting

• Associated Press

The lawsuit filed in state district court claims that the more than 40 officers dispatched to handle James Boyd had "no meaningful control" of the standoff, and their lack of training led to his death.

"Boyd, suffering from mental illness, was helpless to understand why officers were pointing guns at him, let alone able to comply with their orders," the lawsuit said.

"APD's standards for hiring, training, policies, oversight, or lack thereof, contributed to the unjustified killing of (Boyd)," the complaint continued, "as did Albuquerque's failure to take any action in the face of what was plainly an out of control police department."

Janet Blair, a spokeswoman for the Albuquerque Police Department, referred all questions on the lawsuit to the city attorney.

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Comment by Howard Pearlman
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Gee, I wonder when the APD will find that no insurance company will cover them for there misconduct and leave the city vunerable to all lawsuits, judgements, and siezures. Guess that would put them out of business as such a lawless bunch could leave every resident of the city vunerable to loosing their real estate in the event the city goes broke (the city retains an ownership state in all housing within its confines).

Comment by Stupid Amerkin
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Every stinkin last one of these murdering blue gang corporate nazis including their superiors should all be arrested, charge, convicted as charged and put in prison PERIOD!!! Most likely they are still on paid vacation or have already received a promotion. Use of force? Stop the bullshit. IT WAS OUT RIGHT MURDER!!! Law suit? So the friggin criminals can just pay back some of the money they have been robbing and plundering the people for years, and again just all business as usual. I would also have the City foreign agent, (Bar fraud attorney) arrested for not putting these slime ball murdering scum in jail immediately. Oh, I forgot. This is all just business as usual. Was this in Albuquerque NM or the Twilight Zone on Steroids?

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