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KPNX News 2 - Marc Victor - ASU Professor Arrested for Jaywalking


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Comment by Ed Vallejo
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"Jaywalking is not a crime, it is a civil traffic offense." Whatever it is, she was caught in the commission of it, and therefore was a due a ticket (which would not change with or without her name being asked first). How is the officer to write said ticket without her ID (in his view)? This is the only point I contend. Ed

Comment by Powell Gammill
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The law is ARS 13-2412 and even it requires two things of the cop: One before an arrest can be made under it the officer must give several warnings (courts interpret "several" at least three times minimally) that failure to provide your full true name (not ID) can result in arrest AND the officer must have reasonable suspicion that a person has, is or is about to (acute; immediate) commit a crime.

Jaywalking is not a crime, it is a civil traffic offense.

ASU police are in a heap of trouble though part of being a University student or employee is the requirement to possess and produce the ASU ID on demand on campus to ASU Police. This is not an arrestable offense however (it is supposedly an expellable or firing offense however).

While they will charge her with resisting arrest, assaulting police and I suppose jaywalking the initial physical assault was by the officer without reason...again he didn't ask her for her full true name he demanded her for her ID for which he was not entitled. Yet.