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Did MH17 pilot divert INTO the danger zone? ...


The pilot of MH17 radioed that he 'felt uncomfortable' about the route he was flying while over Ukraine and fatally altered his course to hostile territory, according to an expert.

Dr Igor Sutyagin, Research Fellow in Russian Studies from the Royal United Services Institute, believes that MH17 was shot down by rebels based in the 3rd District of Torez, in eastern Ukraine, after mistaking his plane for a government military transport aircraft.

He told MailOnline that information had been leaked from a source he was unwilling to name that the pilot of MH17 'felt bad' about his course over Ukrainian airspace, so changed direction.

Little did he know, according to Dr Sutyagin, that his plane would then be mistaken by rebels who brought it down using a ground-to-air Buk missile system. Malaysia Airlines today denied that the plane was told to alter its course.

His comments come as Vladimir Putin called for a ceasefire by pro-Russian separatists and Ukrainian government forces to allow for negotiations.

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Comment by DelCartero
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I call BS on this one. First, the plane was heading for Russian airspace so we would have to believe that the rebels shot down a plane that might well belong to their main benefactor. After all, who else's military transport plane would be headed over Russia? Or perhaps it was a Ukranian plane headed on a suicide mission into Russia! The far more likely explanation is that air traffic controllers in Kiev directed the plane onto its fateful course. Unfortunately, the government of Kiev confiscated all the air traffic control records immediately following the tragedy. How convenient, eh? It seems that, just like the previous Malaysian Air tragedy, we'll probably never know what really happened to MH17.