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The New Meaning of 'Isolationism'

•, Justin Raimondo

Washington, D.C., is a world unto itself: inside the bubble, where politicians and their kept pundits endlessly massage each others' egos (and bank accounts), the world is America's oyster, to be greedily gulped and washed down with a swig of the Imperial City's most popular intoxicant – hubris. Oblivious to the unwholesome spectacle of their ongoing public orgy, the Bourbons of the foreign policy establishment ignore growing hostility emanating from us peasants in flyover country – to their peril.

Let's look at the numbers. While the downing of MH17 has politicians in both parties calling for direct US intervention in Ukraine, a recent poll of voters in battleground states has a pathetic 17 percent agreeing with them – and more than double that opposed. While the poll was taken before this latest ginned up "crisis," most Americans aren't paying the least bit of attention to the war propaganda coming out of Washington – they are tuning it out just as they have steadfastly ignored the neocons' recent call to arms urging us to re-invade Iraq. Bill Kristol's assessment that Americans are just waiting to be "rallied" to the cause underscores the delusional blindness not only of the neocons but of the entire foreign policy establishment, which routinely pushes grandiose projects normal Americans scoff at. The Politico poll puts a mere 19 percent in favor of Commander Kristol's Iraqi expeditionary force.

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