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Ron Paul Warns: The Dollar Collapse is Close

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Learn how to prepare for the coming global banking collapse:

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Comment by Ed Price (10621)
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We have the ability to protect ourselves as people of a nation. And we can do it without the approval or disapproval of the banks. How? By implementing Internet programs using Bitcoin technology to compare values of everything, and start trading goods.

What does this mean? When you want to fly, you get onto the Internet and check out prices. You can, almost instantly, see the prices and flights, organized in price order or airline order, and flying class order. You can do this with all kinds of products as well. The airlines are simply one example.

Why not a comparison of everything? Why not compare hourly wages with prices of products, and start a whole new Internet Bitcoin-style, free trade trading program, used for trade for both products and wages.

I'd do it if I were a programmer of this kind. Let's take what we have in programming technology, and develop this idea, so that we have something when the banks crash.