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The Real Science Behind Changing Climate

•, L.K. Samuels
The problem with such claims is that they have no basis in science, especially within the new sciences of chaos theory and complexity science. To treat climate change as almost entirely anthropogenic is bad science. And chaos theory and complexity have already debunked this myth long ago.

Chaos theory arose from climate and weather prediction models, along with the non-repeatable and chaotic behavior found in the three-body problem. And what chaologists have concluded is that highly complex systems are highly unpredictable. This means that it is unlikely that human activity is the prime driver of climate change because there are far too many overlapping and erratic factors. Mankind is simply one of an almost infinite number of possible causes of changing climate.

Chaos theory emerged from efforts to predict both climate and weather through computer modeling. The father of chaos theory, Edward Lorenz, soon became disappointed by what he discovered when he accidently left out a few seemingly insignificant digits in his computer calculations. He was astonished to find that his climate predictions had radically changed over very tiny adjustments.

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