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Technologies To Make You 'Superhuman' Are No Longer Science Fiction

•, Diane Galligan

So many firsts: 

The first bionic eye, from California's Second Sight.

The first bionic body suits, for consumers and soldiers, from companies like ReWalk and Ekso Bionics.

Even those trapped inside bodies that can't move or speak are finding ways to communicate through their brain waves. That via groundbreaking research from BrainGate in Massachusetts.

These first patients and technologists are the pioneers, using bionics to restore normal human capabilities.

The next wave, though, is already upon us ? those seeking to use technology to gain extra senses, or "superhuman" qualities. Neil Harbisson, a leader of the cyborg movement, implanted an antenna in his head a decade ago. He says it allows him to "hear" ultraviolet and infrared colors, now the purview of machines and select animals and insects.

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Comment by Ed Price
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You watch. Some company is going to figure out how to tie quantum entanglement into our identities and nerves, so that the cells of our body have natural life memory.

When you were a kid, you learned to ride bicycle. You could do it well back then. But you haven't been on a bicycle for, like, as much as 40 or 50 years. How long would it take you to remember how to ride a bicycle again, if you got back on one today? It probably wouldn't take long, right?

Nerve memory doesn't forget. Once the brain re-learns the actual movements that you need to make to ride a bicycle again, your nerves take over, recalling former activities from decades past, and 90% of your riding skills return in almost no time at all.

The point? There was a time when your whole body knew how to live extremely well. You were between the ages of 10 and 20. Your body was at its finest.

Your body hasn't forgotten how to live like this. It is embedded in the cells that make up your nerves. And, it is embedded right in certain parts of all your cells of your whole body. The only thing that you have done over the years, is to focus your PERSONAL IDENTITY, your soul, if you will, into other areas of life, so that you don't remember how to re-activate the youthfulness that was naturally yours when you were, say, 20 years old.

Well, somebody is going to invent a way to tie soul memory with cellular memory so that you remember how to be young again. And they will probably use some form of quantum entanglement to do it. Then, the problem will NOT be how to remain young for a thousand years. The problem will be, how do I turn it off.

Imagine the cells of your body, individually remembering how to regenerate, whether they are part of your body or not! Imagine losing an arm in a car accident - an arm that is so separated into tiny bits and pieces that no surgeon could ever put it back together - and yet it couldn't die because of cellular memory where each individual cell remembered how to regenerate itself forever. And to top it all off, imagine how it would feel if there were no way to separate your soul from the "destroyed" arm cells, ever! If all the cells of your destroyed arm weren't found and completely, literally separated, molecule from every other molecule, you would forever be able to "feel" the cells that weren't found and destroyed, as long as you lived, which might be a thousand years or more.

Can't wait! I'd love to live a thousand years in perfect health, right? You watch. This is coming, and sooner than we think.

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